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What our clients say

"Thanks Edward. It's reassuring that you really understand risk management. I love the simple, minimalist approach. Cheers."
BC Gov Risk Management Conference feedback
"Very useful. Clear, concise, articulate. Edward brought a practical tool for use in my work world. Thank you! Thank you!"
Risk Management Conference participant
"The break-out sessions were well received. Edward’s expertise in facilitating the methodology became evident.”
Raelynn Douglas, Government of Saskatchewan
"(Risk ID) sessions left the teams with a new positive impression that ERM would assist them in the quality of decision-making, not create extra work.”
~John McGowan, CEO Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA-AMSC)
"When everything in your organization feels like chaos, how do you introduce stability? Ed's practical and disciplined approach cuts through the noise..."
~Trevor Harmon, President Szolyd Concrete Corp
"...simple enough to be used by all staff while providing value to aid in decision-making: Edward's method balances both in a robust system."
~Ken Baker, CPA, CMA, ARM-E, Enterprise Risk Consulting