What is the “upside” of risk? Does ERM manage opportunity meaningfully? The whole thing leads to a structured innovation program that risk managers can lead with confidence.

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Opportunity, as conceived of in ERM discourse, is discussed. Then we improve upon this by presenting the notion of a structured program for innovation. 

Main points
1. Opportunity - origin of the idea in ERM
2. Opportunity - how can we make sense of the idea?
3. Opportunity - as innovation
4. Innovation
  a. an established discipline
  b. within the grasp of the risk manager; an expanded role
5. Innovation - Free Online Introductory Course 
6. Innovation - Paid Course 
7. Innovation for Risk Managers - accredited course through RIMS


1. Opportunity is yet another term form the world of finance that requires interpretation for meaningful application in Enterprise Risk Management.

2. Managing opportunity must, in the end, resolve to a structured search and development; i.e., innovation.

3. Innovation courses Edward has online: 

- one free introductory; 

- a second, paid and in-dept

- a third, accredited for RIMS Fellow designation, by Riosk & Insurance Management Society, New York.


”...risk managers can borrow from the practice of innovation and use a structured method to seek out, evaluate, greenhouse and develop new ideas” (Robertson 2016 p.112)


(E. Robertson 2016) Solving the Enterprise Risk Management Puzzle: Secrets to Successful Implementation 

Technology implementation - 3-part discussion, LinkedIn audio posts

innovation - successful tech implementation

Innovation - free introductory course
Innovation - paid course
Innovation for Risk Managers - accredited course