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Enterprise Risk Management; Strategic Planning

Secrets of a lean and effective risk management regime that front-line staff, managers and executives will swear by. Your risk info is now exciting and insightful!

Many firms’ strategic plans end up on the shelf. Instead, you build a confident team, proudly engaged with the corporate identity and focused on common goals.

17  unique diagrams, w/ guide, covering the full risk process. Select and adapt them to support your ERM success.  Companion to framework in “Solving the ERM Puzzle”.

Online Courses
Risk & Insurance Management Society;
RIMS Fellow Accreditation

“Excellent subject, too often overlooked and yet crucial. Superb media combination.”   ~J-F Baril, Ins. & Liab., Concordia University
“Materials well presented and additional information per session outstanding”   ~Dan Kugler, Assistant Treasurer, Snap-On Tools
“The course was extremely well put together; the case studies were relevant to the topic”   ~Todd Neuman, Decurion Corporation

How to Conduct High Quality Risk Assessment [learn more]

Studies show that many are struggling with developing reliable risk information. Sound risk assessment is the cornerstone of enterprise risk management, yet there is a veritable crisis in risk ID methods. What is needed is a rigorous and structured method, applicable in any business or planning context, that gives fresh and insightful results. This online course sets out the principles, illustrated through case studies, as well as exercises to show how to prepare and lead effective risk assessments.

Managing IT Risk /Cyber Threats [learn more]

How to apply risk methods to the world of information technology (IT) and information management (IM)? Investigation and case studies of security threats will allow participants to hone their skills. This is for risk managers who are non-experts in tech, but wishing to effectively engage with IT personnel. Two key objectives: 1. eliminate language gaps, giving you confidence to work with IT peers; 2. know how to read different IM/IT configurations and assess them for risk.

Creating Value: Risk Manager as Innovator [learn more]

Opportunity is the so-called upside of risk, but how should it be managed? Top flight companies keep innovating, even during economic downturns. Is your risk management program helping the organization to remain viable? This course helps you facilitate value creation, whether in a private or public sector setting. We must connect the risk management function with the innovation process, but using a truly structured method to lead multi-disciplinary teams, find opportunities and develop them.

“Very thorough and precise”   ~Elizabeth Ewing, Ewing Smith Consulting LLC, Washington DC
“Well plotted and logically pathed”   ~Alec Wayne Grandon, Safety Services Specialist, AMERIND Risk Mgt Corp
“Risk register is fantastic. I am much more prepared to perform an enterprise risk assessment”   ~Carrie Frandsen, ERM, U of Calif

Seeking a progressive role? Start innovation!

FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE. Includes 5 video lessons; PDF downloads. BONUS: Consulting call. Topics include: How to find time? Am I ready to be innovation champion? Will skeptical employees ruin our chances?

COMPLETE innovation journey allows non-experts to facilitate the process. Enable team to identify, do cost-benefit and execute successfully on the most appropriate projects for your organization.