The Economist’s risk management study back in 2010 found that there is a continuing perception of risk management as: “…support function staffed with narrowly focused specialists, such as business continuity planners, insurance buyers, or health and safety officers…” (Fall guys – risk management in the front line). Forbes/Deloitte later reported in 2012 that a significant sector of corporate employees are “unaware of what they need to do concerning risk”. (Aftershock: adjusting to the new world of risk management). More recently, the AICPA 2021 report said less than half of all respondents designated a CRO or equivalent role.

Back December 2006 I published an article with Risk Management Magazine. It is relevant to the question of broadening the risk manager’s role to bring risk assessment to strategic planning and policy. I wouldn’t change a word of it today:
Navigating the Public Policy Labyrinth: Risk Analysis for Tough Issues