Solving the Enterprise Risk Management Puzzle

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solvingermpuzzlecover-blogSolving the Enterprise Risk Management Puzzle: Secrets to Successful Implementation
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138 pages; 50 references; 6″ x 9″ format; 9 figures and tables; resources; full index

ERM implementation methodology
developed over years with clients, conceptually grounded and tested: this book answers the need for a generally applicable ERM methodology.

>How to make sense out of all the ERM definitions/standards.
>How to be sure of attaining specific beneficial results from ERM.
>Why ERM and many other management initiatives chronically fail or under-deliver.
>How to gain buy-in and support from senior executive and staff alike.

Practitioners must first gain clarity on the organization’s direction, their program goals, and the true significance of corporate values. This in turn permits an insightful assessment of risk, helping program managers to meet their deliverables and solve business problems. The roll-out discussed in this book fully leverages the proven principles of successful program implementation.


blog-solving-erm-testimonialIntroduction—Reaching the Anticipated Benefits of ERM
1 Foundation of a Successful ERM Program
1.1 Definition: High Quality Risk Assessment
1.2 Definition: Enterprise Risk Management
1.3 Cost-Benefit and Value Proposition
1.4 Understanding Reasons for Program Failure
1.5 Implementation Lead: The ERM Champion
1.6 Summary
2 How to Conduct High Quality Risk Assessment
2.1 Scrutinizing the Planning Regime
2.2 Establish Context
2.3 Identify Risk
2.4 Evaluate Risk
2.5 Risk Mitigation and Review
2.6 How to Conduct the Risk ID/Assessment Session
2.7 Summar
3 Enterprise Risk Management Implementation
3.1 Enterprise Risk Management Plan
3.2 Principles of Successful ERM Implementation
3.3 Risk Information Management: a Progressive Policy
3.4 Financial Risk Management: Integrated Method
3.5 IT Risk Management: Systems Implementation
3.6 Summary
4 Common Challenges
4.1 Solving Low Acceptance of ERM
4.2 Fixing Poor Risk Information Results
4.3 Managing Opportunity
4.4 Emerging Risk and High Future Uncertainty
4.5 Summary
5 Resources

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