Enterprise Risk Management Tools and Templates

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36 pages; 8.5 x 11 format; colour; 17 (2 extra) tools and templates; revised text
17 practical tools, forms and templates with explanatory notes.
In first year: satisfied customers from
Canada; United States; Finland, Singapore;
South Africa; Trinidad & Tobago; Mozambique…

>How do I write proper risk statements?
>How do we conduct environmental scan?
>Why is a context statement essential?
>How should I organize a risk ID session?

Risk management standards do not offer complete methods. The tools and templates here follow the standard risk management process.
They are distillations of methods refined through practice. Explanatory notes help you see the key principles, and decide how best to
integrate them into your own planning and management practice.

CONTENTS: text forms; spreadsheets; diagrams; charts – each with explanatory notes:

PLANNING and GOVERNANCErisk-management-tools-templates
01. Core Risk Management Process
02. ERM – Organizational Preparedness
03. Complete Organizational Planning Process
04. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
05. Environmental Scan
06. Stakeholder Analysis
07. Context Statement
08. Risk ID and Assessment Session – Agenda
09. Risk Register
10. Enterprise Risk Categories
11. Risk Statements
12. Probability-Severity | Likelihood-Consequence
13. Heat Map
14. Risk Tolerance
15. Risk Management Plan: Report to the Board
16. Weighted Multi-Criteria Selection Tool
17. ERM Maturity Matrix

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  1. Edward
    2015/06/27 at 10:35:06

    Hello, thank you for your inquiry. There is some degree of overlap (e.g., risk register) but I created the Tools and Templates document to complement the course and discuss, in particular, Enterprise Risk Management and planning.


  2. Oluwatoyin olaiya
    2015/06/27 at 08:37:12

    I just registered and paid for the on-line course – How to conduct high quality risk assessment. Will this course provide all the tools and templates in this e-book of risk management tools templates so that i don’t duplicate my efforts. thank you.

  3. John Kempkey, ARM
    2013/11/13 at 12:14:23


    I was revewing my junk email and just came across your response to my inquiry, this past June.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t realize that you had followed through with my information requests.

    I will proceed with buying your “Risk Management Tools and Templates.

    Thank you for your origanal reply and making your resources available.

    Best Regards,


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