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This is blog about enterprise risk management – both ERM implementation in the organization, and how to do risk assessment in individual cases. I was Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, in the provincial government (British Columbia, Canada) until the fall of 2008. I left to set up my own ERM consulting, and developed online risk management courses for RIMS – the Risk and Insurance Management Society, New York. There is still a lot left to say.

Risk assessment for business or public sector organizations needs to be a comprehensive and rigorous process, within a well-defined context. What we see (and studies show) is that people often don’t have great confidence in their risk identification process. Effective risk identification within a properly defined context quickly proves its value as a method to solve business problems.

Later there will be lots of opportunity to give views on related business topics, such as international business practices and innovation.

Thanks for taking the time out – comments welcome!

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