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risk-management-online-coursesOnline Training is a Business Necessity
Online training — also known as eLearning or distributed learning — is now a business necessity from several standpoints. Cuts in travel budgets, of course, immediately come to mind. But other benefits of a coordinated eLearning program, from a corporate point of view, are significant.

Businesses and organizations with training needs of all kinds should look to eLearning as part of a wider and more appealing HR recruitment, retention and professional development program, corresponding to people’s expectations and habits that are tranforming the world of work. Management practices that incorporate flexible schedules and tele-commuting are attractive; eLearning is a natural fit. The ways that eLearning might hook up with many different communications technologies, including social media, blogs and Twitter, and the spin-off effects, really boggle the mind. Rather than ad hoc course selection, a planned approach where specific competencies and certificate programs are targeted, and aligned with organizational goals, is definitely an innovation worth investigating.

The Online experience
The training itself has unique features that participants like: the convenience of 24/7 access to learning materials is key. This gives adult learners the freedom to study not only at the time they choose, but also for the length of time they choose, and with the number of repetitions they choose, especially when the material is presented in manageable segments. Moreover, they have a choice of venue, whether the kitchen, the office, an in-house “eLearning cafe” with dedicated time allotted, or a coffee shop via laptop computer, where a change of environment helps fresh thinking. Files delivered online in different formats, like mp3’s and printable pdf’s allow portability and mobility.

Contact with fellow learners, including the chance to make business contacts, is facilitated through online discussion groups; while instructor feedback can happen through a regular online presence in the forum, and via email. Online learners who really engage with the materials will derive the maximum benefit.

RIMS – ER Technical Online courses
ER Technical Inc and Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) have collaborated to host online courses using a variety of media to appeal to all types of adult learners. Automated presentations with voice-over narration, video and audio clips, case studies, exercises, tools, templates and resources, as well as a discussion forum are featured. The content is inspired by our wishes to offer professional advancement and inspiration to risk managers. We encourage risk professionals to show that they can contribute to the strategic management of the organization – whether through nurturing innovation, assessing business plans, or solving business challenges by facilitating an incisive risk identification process.

[Revised. Originally published 14 Jun 2009]

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